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Whether you’re an established company or just starting up; we can help you find mentors, become mentors or simply get to know other people doing what you’re doing. We want to build friendships as much as business relationships. Through meet-ups, customer facing events & our online directory, we want to publicise the greatest interior minds Scotland has to offer. Each of our members is chosen and evaluated for their aesthetic and creativity before joining to ensure we give our customers the best in Scottish interior talent. The aim of our company is to break down barriers and open a dialogue between interior designers, stylists, stores and more so that we can all work to become greater, together.

You will be included in our online directory under the category best suited to your company, alongside a small but strong group of similar businesses. The world of interiors & lifestyle is constantly growing and we've tried to narrow down the fields into different categories. This is to make it easier for the consumer (and our members) to navigate. But if you don't think you fit into any of these just let us know! 

Think you're a match? Find out more about our membership package below and get in touch.


Complete Membership

With our complete membership we'll showcase your company through your own customisable profile page on The Clique website. This is where customers (and other members) will be able view your latest work, read all about you and contact you directly. You'll be featured in our monthly newsletters (both customer & member's) and in our Journal where we'll share your latest news and activity. We'll keep you at the forefront of customer's minds through our social platforms. You'll also have full access to our member's meet-up events where you can get to know your fellow members and become part of the Clique Community.




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