It all started when…

Julia was starting up her interior design business and realised there was no resource to find interior & lifestyle stores and designers in her area (Glasgow). Much internet searching later she'd created her own list and started introducing herself. Sometimes she was greatly received, sometimes ignored. After re-connecting with childhood friend Gemma (co-incidentally owner of a newly launched online home décor store) they started to work together on projects. Gemma providing the products and Julia styling the space, and the customers were happy.

They realised how much easier it was when you knew the person you were working with and got to talking. How could they create the same environment they'd just enjoyed, with others? With this The Clique Lifestyle was born. A space where collaboration and relationships were paramount but with a space for members to speak directly to customers and demonstrate their skills. 

Behind the scenes they created a community of members from the interior & lifestyle world in Scotland. Nurturing relationships between them and creating a platform for them to showcase their work.

For you, the customer, a space where you can find places to shop, people to design and more, knowing that they've been hand-picked by our team. A place to discover local talent and see what Scotland has to offer.



Our Team


Gemma Kirk

My career path has taken many turns on it’s road to interiors but I’ve remained faithful to the creative industries throughout. Having been artistic from a young age (an influence from my mother, a former graphic designer and dressmaker), I left school at 16 with one qualification - art & design. Knowing I wanted to discover life outside Glasgow, I applied for a degree course at London College of Fashion and spent four happy but stressful years learning the art of Menswear Design.

I realised pretty early on in my degree that I loved the world of fashion more than the actual designing aspect. Concreted by an internship at Carolyn Massey where, during London Fashion Week, I thrived with the organisational side of the job. Running around the city speaking with seamstresses and collecting styling equipment. From this, I altered my dream and pursued a position in fashion public relations. A friend had recently started working on Savile Row, a street notorious for it’s sharp tailoring and closed doors. Through her, I was lucky enough to acquire a PR internship at newly re-established Hardy Amies.

Four years later, I had worked across many departments in the company, finally landing in Wholesale where I was able to create their first eCommerce platform for their ready-to-wear line. I adored the mix of merchandising & analytics paired with the creative aspect of working with stylists & photographers to create a successful online store.

With a desire to return to Glasgow and a brief stint in digital marketing, I finally had the courage to start my own eCommerce company and hone the skills I had learned on Savile Row. From this, Vespiary was born, utilising my other true love, interiors. In it’s first year, I am pleased to say I am loving working on Vespiary and with the incarnation of The Clique Lifestyle, I hope to further my desire to make people’s homes beautiful.


Julia Hoffmann

 When I left school, I decided to go straight into the work place. Lets just say that academics were never my thing! So, I thought I would get out and work my way up instead. My career started in retail, I loved my first few years working, especially when I started visual merchandising. But I really felt something was missing.

Style in general is something I have a great interest in, whether that is interior design, fashion, architecture or art. Anything that has beautiful style really has my attention - so it’s no surprise I chose one of those as my vocation. I first thought about interior design when I was 18 but after struggling at school (I am dyslexic) I did not have the confidence to pursue it as a career. Over the years, I kept coming back to interior design but never took the leap into the industry until I found myself at a bit of a cross roads. I decided life was far too short and I should take a risk and go for it.

I studied for and received my diploma in interior design with the intention of going on to do a masters. However, I have always wanted my own business (although, growing up, I had no idea what that would look like) so instead of a masters, I took a second leap of faith and decided to set up on my own interior design company - MyHouseDesign.